Selected Publications from the Dan Kasen Group

  • Kasen 2011a (AAS) : Radioactivity and Peculiar Supernova Light Curves
  • Kasen 2011b (APJ): Pair Instability Supernovae: Light Curves, Spectra, and Shock Breakout
  • Kasen 2010 (Nature): Astrophysics: The supernova has two faces
  • Kasen 2006a (APJ): Secondary Maximum in the Near-Infrared Light Curves of Type Ia Supernovae
  • Kasen 2006b (APJ): Time-dependent Monte Carlo Radiative Transfer Calculations for Three-dimensional Supernova Spectra, Light Curves, and Polarization

Selected Publications from the Wick Haxton Group

  • Shen 2012 (ApJ): The Long-Term Evolution of Double White Dwarf Mergers
  • Banerjee 2011 (PhRvL): Long, Cold, Early r Process? Neutrino-Induced Nucleosynthesis in He Shells Revisited
  • Kistler 2011 (PhRvD): Core-collapse astrophysics with a five-megaton neutrino detector
  • Inoue 2010 (APS): Harmonic-Oscillator-Based Effective Theory (HOBET): Effective Interactions without a Potential